Monday, March 27, 2006

Office pantry essentials

Tired of spending money on junk food, and in an effort to eat better, wholesome food, I endeavoured to outfit my desk drawer. I am happy to report that I succeeded and that I now have access to the following, which are my office essentials. I now have all the necessities to have a snack; have lunch at my desk if I a) forget my lunch bag at home, b) don't feel like going out, or c) an broke; or add a burst of flavour if I find the lunch I brought seems too bland.

So here is my list of essentials:

Foods and beverages:
- Unsalted almonds
- Ryvita snack breads
- Astro naturally flavoured/sweetened yogurts
- Natura strawberry-flavoured soy milk
- Sprouted grain cereals
- Pacific Organic individual soups
- Sardines
- Club Soda
- Herbal teas (mint, fennel, and ginger)
- Fresh fruit

- Spice wheel (curry powder, mint, oregano, herbes de Provence, chili flakes, cinnamon, thyme, and paprika)
- Pepper mill
- Maldon sea salt
- Balsamic-maple vinaigrette


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